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Resolved Academy, Week 1

Miss Kristen's Desk

Yesterday, Resolved Academy had its first day of school! I am so proud of each of our students and the effort that they poured into their classes. A major theme that we spent a lot of time this week discussing is how God is a God of order, and how we should approach our studies with order. Not only was this emphasized in class, but also outside of class. Outside of class, we discussed how they were to conduct themselves when walking in line and how they ought to clean up after themselves out of respect for others.
In our science class, we read through Genesis 1 and studied how God ordered the universe when He created it. This set the tone for the rest of our discussion of the scientific method in preparation for our science experiment next week. In our apologetics class, we discussed how we can know truth about God (through His Word) and how we are to approach education through our “Christian worldview glasses.” When approaching each subject in school, we must always start with the Bible. In our Biblical History/Geography class, I provided a brief introduction to the Reformation before diving into the 5 solas of the Reformation. I look forward to hearing about all that they have learned about the Reformation on Reformation Sunday in October!
I am extremely thankful for each of our students and their desire to learn. I pray that in the coming months, each of our students will maintain that desire to grow and will understand that this can only occur through careful study of the Word of God. I appreciate each of our student’s positive attitudes and I pray that they will continue to approach each subject with the same joy that they brought with them to school this past week. 
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