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Resolved Academy, Week 4

Miss Kristen's Desk

This past week, Resolved Academy had the opportunity to attend the Herzog Foundation Bible Teacher Training in Washington D.C. While there, we spent time touring the Museum of the Bible which houses several artifacts including a first edition Geneva Bible, parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, among many other artifacts. I am thankful for the Herzog Foundation and their generosity in sending our team to this training. I also gained a new appreciation for my team and our school’s commitment to scripture. After spending time learning about other schools across the country, I am thankful for our school’s decision to be covenantal, ensuring that we remain in line with the Word of God.

At school on Friday, we had our first practicum! At this practicum, our students learned about table etiquette and were able to put that into practice as they learned about setting a table and having good table manners. In our apologetics class, the kids learned about how we should worship God. We looked at examples from scripture of proper worship of God and learned how we should apply this in our own lives. Lastly, in our Biblical History/Geography class we began our discussion of 15th century Reformer John Hus. I provided a summary of the life of John Hus and his commitment to the Bible in the face of severe opposition from the Roman Catholic Church. We also discussed his rejection of the sale of indulgences and explained why it is not biblical. Next week, we will conclude our discussion of John Hus as we look forward to our study of Martin Luther.

I appreciate your prayers for our safety while visiting Washington D.C. and I appreciate your continued prayers for our Resolved Academy students. I am extremely thankful for our church and its continued commitment to teaching biblical truth.
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