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Resolved Academy, Week 7

Miss Kristen's Desk

As our Reformation celebration quickly approaches, I am excited to see the progress our students have made with their understanding of the 5 solas of the Reformation. I eagerly look forward to their presentation on Reformation Sunday as they work to apply what they have learned this semester so far. Studying church history has not only been helpful for the students but also beneficial for me as I have been reminded each week of the great privilege I have to be able to gather with the church and study the Word of God, a privilege that many did not and still do not have.

In our science class this past week, we concluded our study of meteorology and reviewed air pressure and the atmosphere. We worked through the scientific method as we continued to review that God is a God of order. In our apologetics class, we learned about how we should trust God. We evaluated several Bible verses and discussed a promise from God that is found in each verse that we can trust. We then learned about what we can do to show that we trust God. Lastly, in our Biblical History/Geography class, we worked through a timeline and discussed John Wycliffe, William Tyndale, John Rogers and the Geneva Bible. We also learned about the printing press and its impact on the Bible. The students then completed a craft with their own "printing press" (stamps and ink).

As we work through reviewing the Reformation period next week, I pray that each of our students would be struck by the great privilege we have to gather in church and to read the Word of God in our own language. I also pray that the Word of God would take root in their hearts as they continue to grow and learn.
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