Free Baseball Clinics

As a team, we will give free baseball clinics to kids from ages four to twelve as we travel around the country playing in tournaments. We partner up with churches in the area that we will visit when we are in their town. These clinics give our players a chance to put their discipleship program into action and allows them to give back to the game of baseball.
At the conclusion of each clinic, we will have a few of our players share the Gospel with the kids who participated. Not only will this give the kids an opportunity to receive the Gospel, but it gives our Ambassadors a real-life situation in which they can practice sharing their faith in front of people they do not know.
Hundreds of campers have surrendered to Christ at our baseball clinics. We know that God uses these clinics to show His glory to people through the game of baseball.
By the end of the year, these clinics are our players’ favorite aspect of the ministry.