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Mid-Week Games
  • Instead of playing in a league, we host mid-week games throughout our spring/summer season.
  • These are competitively controlled games, which seek to teach and coach the fundamentals of the game, while at the same time putting our players in positions to challenge their skills against an opponent.
  • The reason that we do not play in a league is because of the format that we have chosen to play for these games. Our goal is to be on the field and teach the game as opposed to being pushed by a clock and another game behind us.
  • In addition, everything we do is Gospel-centric and most leagues will not allow our organization to share the Gospel after our games.

  • We believe in the paramount importance of focusing our worship on the one true God in the body of the local church on Sunday mornings. Because of this, we have chosen to host Saturday-only events, which allow teams to compete in a family-friendly environment.
  • Our festivals usually consist of 2 or 3 other teams, in which everyone will play each other throughout the day.
  • Our goal is to express the ministry of hospitality by providing a Christian family environment, which consists of encouraging players instead of screaming at umpires and coaches.

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