OKC Ambassadors Youth Teams

Ministry Pursuits

The OKC Ambassadors strive to come alongside the families and players who are involved in our ministry. We best do this in the following ways:

The Local Church & Family

  • Everything we do as a ministry points individuals to the local church. Our expectation from each of the members of our organization is that they are involved in a local church and actively participating in the local church function. 
  • Saying this, we will do all that we can to not play games on Sundays or Wednesdays, so that we can give our full attention to the gathering of the local body of believers.
  • We also understand the strain that current youth baseball puts on the family life. Because of this, we will center our focus on making time for families to be home together.


  • The Evangelism of our ministry is simply an overflow of our commitment to Discipleship. If our players are not devoted to their own spiritual growth, then they will not be motivated to take the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world of baseball. In all that we do in our discipleship, one of the most important aspects is the fact that we train our players to share the Gospel. We do this through the presentation of the Gospel in Scripture by using the colors of our uniform.


  • Our expectations of each member of our organization regarding our Discipleship is that each individual would engage his mind, heart and will in all Bible studies. The very core of the mission of our ministry involves the engagement of the individual to the Word of God.
  • It is totally and completely understood that individuals are at various stages in their spiritual life, and that there might be some who have not submitted their life to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. But saying this, to be a part of this ministry is to voluntarily choose to invest your spiritual life into the Discipleship process of our organization.
  • The Discipleship element of this ministry is the priority. To not engage in this element of the organization will disqualify an individual from participating in any other aspect of the ministry.
  • For our younger teams, we will focus the discipleship portion of the ministry before practices. We will spend time teaching the Bible, memorizing Scripture and explaining the elements of the Gospel. We highly recommend that parents get involved with the discipleship and engage in memorizing Scripture and have Gospel-centered conversations with other parents at each event.

Athletic Excellence

  • As Ambassadors for Christ, we have been called to a ministry of excellence in all things. In all that we do, we are to glorify God! It is our belief that we can most glorify God in athletics by mastering the skills in which He gave to us. We must be good stewards of the abilities that God has given to us.
  • Although a temporary “championship-mentality” is not the driving focus of our organization, we do strive for excellence. This includes the quality of participation in athletics. It is our goal and expectation that the roster that is filled in this organization is able to glorify God with a quality performance by respecting the game in which we are playing.
  • The pursuit of excellence in athletics should never usurp our mission for Discipleship or Evangelism. Instead, this pursuit of excellence in athletics should be the natural byproduct of our love for the Word of God and our desire to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Parent Discipleship

  • From the start, it needs to be clear that this program is not just for the players, but this ministry is designed for the parents to get involved as well. It is not the job of this ministry to be a baby-sitting service, and it is not our desire to usurp the role that God has given to each parent. To be certain, our ministry is to help equip the parents, that they might fulfill the mandated task of parenting with Biblical discipleship as the foremost process.
  • Parents on our team will be encouraged and challenged to meet with one another during practices, team discipleship times and as other opportunities arise to discuss the weekly Bible studies. This is one of the most important elements of our ministry moving forward, because the Ambassadors need to see their parents engaged in Scripture daily.


  • It is the expectation of this organization that once a member becomes “committed” to this ministry, then this commitment lasts through the end of its contract. In today’s culture, the concept of “commitment” is completely and totally lost. The ways of the world have encroached the Christian ideology of commitment, and has moved into a mentality of “do whatever is best for you, whenever it is best.” This type of mentality will be unacceptable for our organization.
  • Our expectation of being an Ambassador for this ministry is the same as what Paul described for himself. We are to be “Ambassadors in chains,” committed to what God is doing in and through our lives in this ministry. 
  • Knowing this, we expect each individual to count the cost and understand the devotion it takes to be an Ambassador.

Family Expectations

Commit to the Process

Based upon the established pillars of this organization, it is clearly seen that this ministry is beyond the simple idea of a youth sports organization. This organization has resolved in its core values to pursue excellence in Discipleship, Evangelism and its Sports Ministries. Because of this, we hold a high standard of expectations on all families who commit themselves to be a part of the Ambassadors Mission. We ask that all families would commit to the process of development. Doing this will transform the life of your family and will help prepare your son to live for the Glory of God.

Trust the Coaches

One of the greatest detriments to youth sports has been the overreach of zealous parents (who mostly have the best of intentions). The result of this has been a lack of respect for God-ordained authority in all aspects of life for the individual child. When parents do not show a trust for authority, the child will naturally follow this pattern. According to Romans 14, Ephesians 5-6 and other Scripture, Christians should demonstrate a Christ-like submission to authority in all areas of life. Going along with the process of discipleship, we ask that all families trust the coaches that God has provided to the ministry. You are making the commitment from the start of the season that God has brought you to this organization. Even though you might make different decisions than the coaching staff, you will teach your child more about trusting God in life and death by encouraging your team and coaches than to throw a childish fit because things are not going your way.

Engage in the Minsitry

The Ambassadors are a well-rounded ministry, which focuses on the whole man as opposed to simply an individual athlete. We use baseball as an excuse for the ministry of the Gospel. You will gain so much from this ministry if you will engage your heart, soul, mind and strength into all that the organization has to offer. Through the Ambassadors, your family has a unique opportunity to combine Biblical discipleship with excellent athletics. Don’t miss it! We ask that families would find ways to serve the ministry, engage in Gospel conversations with those inside and outside the organization and encourage the leadership.

baseball development

Our philosophical belief in regards to youth sports is to emphasize the fundamental development of each athlete. There is a strategy which says that you should play as many games as possible in order to develop. Our rationale for staying away from this mentality is to prioritize the long-term effects that competition has on an individual. We want our Ambassadors to have a foundation of fundamentals as their bodies change and grow. This will set them up for success in the prime years of their athletic life.


Individual Practices
  • Most of our practices will be “camp-style” in which we are rotating small groups through specific drills in order to develop their God-given skills for the game of baseball. These drills should be learned from the players and parents and implemented on an on-going basis at home, so that the players can most greatly benefit from the development process.

  • As the season goes along, we will develop team-oriented practices, which will give the players a more well-rounded understanding of how the game of baseball works. This will include mental and strategic processing on the part of our players, so that they can understand the “why” for baseball.


Competitively Controlled Setting
  • Midweek games will be used to test and develop the skills of our players. We will use these times to put into action the things that we have been practicing. The format for these midweek games will be somewhat controlled, with opportunities for teaching and understanding from each of the players.


Saturday ONLY Events
  • Tournaments and Festivals are used to be the fun and exciting parts of the baseball atmosphere. We will use these opportunities to teach and also learn what it means to truly compete to win.
  • We invite other teams and organizations in to play a festival, where we exercise the ministry of hospitality, which competing together.

If you are interested in being a part of the OKC Ambassadors ministry, please fill out a player application: