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Weekly Roundup - March 10, 2023

This week in Resolved Ministries...

Daily Devotionals

We have been walking through Psalm 67 on a 30-day journey in exploring the beauty of this prophetic and mission-driven Psalm. Join us!

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OKC Ambassadors

2023 18U Team

We are finalizing our roster for the 2023 18U OKC Ambassadors team. If you know someone who would be a great fit for our ministry, please send them the application to fill out!

Selling Banners

Support our ministry by purchasing a banner for our home park!
Not only will you be supporting us financially, but you will be helping spread the Gospel by selecting a Scripture to be on the banner.

9U Continues to Develop,
6U Season Begins!

So far, our Ambassadors have memorized John 1:1-5 and are now moving toward memorizing all of Psalm 67. Discipleship is the primary focus of our ministry and the players are doing a wonderful job of devoting themselves to this important aspect of being an Ambassador. We are excited to have incorporated the 6U team this week and we look forward to watching their development throughout the rest of the season!

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