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Welcome to Resolved Ministries!

Welcome to Resolved Ministries!

Our Mission

The purpose of Resolved Ministries is to equip the universal church with expositional teaching of the One True Gospel, while aiding the local church in its purpose to serve as a pillar and buttress of truth. This ministry will accomplish this purpose through discipleship, education and sports ministry.

Our Vision

To faithfully proclaim the One True Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Saints by the exposition of Scripture. To establish a library of resources of Biblical truths which are discoverable for the new believer as well as the mature disciple. To ignite a passion for expositional preaching and teaching in the local body of believers by teaching and training the called shepherds of the flock. To educate the next generation of believers by equipping them with resources necessary to live a life of Biblical prosperity. To engage in the world of sports by proclaiming the Gospel boldly and trusting that God will use this ministry to impact the lives of those who do not know Him.
The OKC Ambassadors is a discipleship ministry through sports. Our Ambassadors are trained and equipped to be heralds of the Gospel through the exposition of the Word. Currently, we have multiple baseball teams, but we are working to add basketball and volleyball soon.
Resolved Academy is a hybrid model of education, using classical teaching and the principle approach. We believe that the family is given the responsibility to raise their children in the admonition of the Lord and this includes pursuing academic excellence.
Resolved Resources is the media arm of this ministry. We are continually producing expositional teaching through podcasts, Bible studies and book ministries for the building up of the body of Christ.

Resolved Missions has two parts. 1) To host events in a first-class level for the Glory of God. 2) To prepare men and women to use sports as an avenue of planting churches internationally.