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Resolved Academy, Week 6

Miss Kristen's Desk

As we approach the halfway point of our semester, I am thrilled to see the progress that each of our students has made at school! We are nearing the end of our study of the Reformation for this year, and I am looking forward to seeing the student’s program on Reformation Sunday in a few weeks. They have each worked very hard and have spent much time preparing verses and a song for Reformation Sunday. Throughout these past six weeks, we have also spent much time reviewing and understanding the 5 solas of the Reformation.

In our science class this past week, I introduced the study of meteorology to the students. We learned about air pressure, the atmosphere and the different seasons. This also connected to our key principle, that God’s creation exhibits orderliness and design. In our apologetics class, we learned about how God is infinite, he has no limits with anything that is within His nature. There are no limits to God’s grace, God’s justice, etc. Lastly, in our Biblical History/Geography class, we learned about William Tyndale and Martin Luther. We discussed their commitment to the Word of God as well as the disagreements they had with the Roman Catholic Church’s false teachings.The students also worked on filling out a map of Europe with the countries we have learned about so far. Next week, we will learn about the Bible, from John Wycliffe all the way to Geneva.
As we continue to work hard throughout the rest of the semester,
I look forward to watching our students’ continued growth.
I absolutely love being their teacher and I pray that each and every one of them would seek after God and would be renewed through the study of the Word of God. Above all, I pray that God would be glorified in the education of our students.
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